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Our Small Business Consulting vertical aims to bridge the gap between Flyer Consulting's Nonprofit Consulting and Microlending verticals. Our team provides consulting services to local small businesses in order to prepare local entrepreneurs looking to become involved in our Cultural Capital Microlending Program. While we have the small business reach and client interest in our services, we want to make sure that we are assisting clients who are focused on positively impacting our shared Dayton community. For small businesses, this means going beyond maximizing profits and including an element in the business plan to give back to the community.

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How we developed

Spring 2021

In Spring 2022, our Small Business Consulting initiative came to fruition when we took on our first small business client, Rosie’s Vending. Before taking on our first small business client, we began to establish our own small business client standards and qualifications that aligned with our mission of supporting students, clients, and the community. We were happy to assist in catalyzing Rosie’s Vending’s business growth and help lay the foundations for a sponsored youth entrepreneurship program within the Dayton community.

Fall 2022

Flyer Consulting worked with two small business related clients, Harlem Healers and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Our engagement with the U.S. Small Business Administration will open up client engagements and partnerships to other Dayton and Southwest Ohio small businesses that may not have been possible before working with a non-profit Government agency.


With the assistance of the Greater West Dayton Incubator and the Cultural Capital Microlending Fund, we have been able to rapidly spread our brand and solutions to small businesses in the Dayton area.


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Our Consultants are trained in QuickBooks, an accounting software that is affordable and well-suited to nonprofit and small to medium sized business organizations. Our team is able to assist your organization in establishing your QuickBooks account in order to maximize the effectiveness of your accounting system.

Making Vending Machine Purchase
In the Spring of 2022, Flyer Consulting had the incredible opportunity to work with its first ever small business client, Rosie’s Vending. Rosie’s Vending is a commercial vending business located in Dayton, Ohio founded by Roenisha (Roe) Wallace. Roe started Rosie’s Vending as a side job with the intention to grow it into her full time position. Currently Rosie’s Vending holds a contract with the Hub and has two operating machines with the hopes of landing more contracts in the near future. 

Flyer Consulting is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Rosie’s Vending and extend our reach to small businesses in the Dayton area. Our team was able to work with Nayax, a top of the line vending management software, along with Wix, one of the premier website creation platforms. Rosie’s Vending’s new website which was created by the Flyer Consulting team can be found here:  

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