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Business Development Solutions

Our operations and finance solutions take a look at your current financial and operational state and help shape the future of your nonprofit for maximum impact on the community.

Business analyses

How we do it.

How does your organization compare to your peers and industry? Flyer Consulting provides benchmarking capabilities and insights using your financial data to analyze the health of your organization. 

Our team will optimize your nonprofit’s processes and leverage resources specific to your industry to mitigate challenges and optimize opportunities. Our research practices coupled with our understanding of publicly available data will help your nonprofit achieve the desired outcome.

Nonprofit Health Check

Flyer Consulting developed a proprietary model to compare a specific nonprofit’s business metrics to industry averages. We use publicly available data stored in a cloud-based system to conduct a ratio analysis of your nonprofit to identify strengths and shortcomings compared to your industry. This information is displayed on interactive and customizable Tableau dashboards to allow your nonprofit to visualize your financial performance. 

KPI Reporting

From the Nonprofit Health Check dashboards, our consultants will provide a report encompassing key performance indicators and their impact on your nonprofit. This report can summarize financial data from your nonprofit’s individual events or complete financial statement information. Through this in-depth financial analysis, your nonprofit can create an effective strategy. ​

Market Research

One of the keys to any organization is understanding the market in which it operates and the individuals affected by it. Our team uses a collection of resources to compile information about your organization's industry, location, market, peers, and stakeholders that can be used as an instrumental tool in organizational decision making and growth. This information coupled with our financial reports provide a great analysis of your organization's position in your community. ​

Strategic growth

Let's chart your path to success as you innovate.

How should your organization plan to reach its strategic goals or even begin to develop those goals? Wherever you are on your growth timeline, Flyer Consulting works with you to identify and achieve short-term and long-term strategies. 

Capital Campaign

Developing a fundraising plan to gain desired funding for completion of projects is one of the most important initiatives your nonprofit can undertake. Our team will help you develop a plan that identifies potential donors, realistic goals, and a timeline for a successful capital campaign. 

Donor Strategy

Developing an actionable plan to sustain current donors and target new donor bases is vital to the growth and sustenance of a healthy organization. We segment your donors based on patterns, potential, and communication channels to develop targeted insights for your nonprofit.

Strategic Planning

Flyer Consulting will work to help clarify the vision of your organization and help you define tactical goals for the future. Our team brings a fresh perspective to help your organization create a competitive business strategy and develop a comprehensive plan.

New Venture Feasability

Our team works to understand your nonprofit’s goals and vision to develop a clear roadmap for new ventures. We help guide this growth through structured strategies focusing on the project’s market opportunities, financial impact, and operational feasibility. 

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