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Meaningful Impact on ​Students & the Community

Since our inception in 2009, Flyer Consulting has served 77 clients. Our clients have a wide range of impact on the Dayton community and parts of the United States and abroad as well. Historically, Flyer Consulting has worked solely with nonprofit clients; however, Flyer Consulting has recently expanded our service to small businesses.

Today, Flyer Consulting is honored to work with nonprofits and small businesses in the greater Dayton area and beyond, offering expertise on areas ranging from branding to donor management to SaaS applications. We are proud of the relationships we have established with organizational partners locally and internationally to engage in loan pipeline management and entrepreneurial mentorship around Dayton and in Nairobi, Kenya.

Flyer Consulting provides students with an exceptional learning experience. Specifically, the experience Flyer Consulting provides mocks a real-world consulting firm, providing students with the opportunity to learn client skills, apply classroom knowledge, take initiative and learn leadership and management skills. 


By the Numbers

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