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Join a Team That ​Makes a Difference.

​If you want to be a part of this team of standout students that takes on challenging projects for nonprofits and small business all across the globe, apply now!

Have questions about the application process or the organization? Please reach out to us at



The Flyer Consulting Intern Program is the first step for members new to our orgnization to learn all of the practices and skills needed to work on their first client engagement the following semester. Throughout the Intern Program, students work in teams to complete 3 data-driven case studies. Each case study allows interns to conduct research and implement a solution for a simulated client.

​Each week, training will focus on a different aspect of our work from our marketing, business development, and technical solutions to project management, professional communication, client engagement, and critical thinking skills. Members of the Flyer Consulting team will be collaborating with interns to deliver focused trainings on both hard and soft business skills, and dive into systems and topics such as Tableau, Excel, data science, and more.
Intern Program applications are open to freshman, sophomores, and juniors at the beginning of the fall semester. In the spring semester, applications are open to sophomores and first-year students. Following the application is a 2-round competitive interview process. Interns are chosen from this pool of applicants and then begin the 8-week Intern Program that semester.

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